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Echoes of Exenia Adorable little .gif of a Nekaiyo heavy blade; drawn by Rushifa!

Update 11/20/20XX: First time updating in such a long time, sorry for the delays! It's been hard to find the motivation lately when there's so little content left to add or comb over. I'm even almost through with all of the CN-exclusive Nekaiyo content that I managed to get smuggled past the Chinese ICE (thanks for that, Chase!), so I'm almost run completely out of content. Don't you worry, though, I still love Exenia as much as ever... there's just not a whole lot left to document. ;-) Additionally, with player counts at an all-time low and even the servers themselves starting to fall apart it looks like we're in the twilight hours of Exenia's lifespan, sad to say... it makes me want to cry just thinking about it, so I'm trying to focus more on playing over writing about playing. Most of the time I spend logged on now is with my lovely girlfriend and the handful of guildmembers left around in our RP clan (not accepting new members, sorry!) since we ran out of story content and dungeons to raid long ago... let's hope that the sunset is staved off for as long as possible, shall we? The denizens of Exenia will stand by their home until the very end!

(And yes, I'm well aware of the "new" content in the form of the bugged dungeons and equipment, but I have no interest in it. The last thing I need in my life is getting banned from my favorite game for sticking my paws where they don't belong. :-[ )

Update 05/13/20XX: Added a section about the various rumors and odd happenings that have been cropping up in Exenia, with cited sources from the Exenia BBS system. Honestly not the kind of content that Echoes was made to host, but it's not like there's much else new happening in Exenia.

Update 02/02/20XX: Thanks to a certain console cowgirl friend of mine I managed to get a complete PAK file of all the extra content the Chinese servers got years and years back, ripped straight from cyberspace! As much as I wish I could mount it right to my deck and experience it firsthand, translating it and documenting it here will be the best I can do... :-[ I'm obviously going to focus most intensely on the Nekaiyo sections first, since this might be my only chance to take a look at the cancelled expansion packs and questlines planned for our feline friends. I'll update the main Exenia section here and there as I come across it as well, of course, but... well, you know me. ;-).

Update 09/09/20XX-1: Wanted to embarrass my girlfriend by updating publicly here that we've been together for a full six years as of today, and all thanks to Exenia. Love you, babe. Hope you don't mind all the ruckus I'm going to cause to celebrate our anniversary. :-] <3.

Update 07/14/20XX-1: Damn, damn, damn!!!!!! Looks like my deck fried mid-update and I ended up losing about seven years' worth of news updates on Echoes..... sad, but at least the bulk of the main site wasn't affected. Could be worse, right? :-] Besides, I'm sure nobody is dying to read the ramblings of a sixteen-year-old Ulna before she knew that it's best to keep some things to the game... though I still love those anime VHSes, tongue firmly in cheek.