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Frequently Asked Questions

Setting The Record Straight As A Nekaiyo's Tail!!!

Q: When and where are are the Nekaiyo first encountered in Exenia's main questline??
A: A brave Exenian can encounter them at any time should they feel proud enough to attempt to dive into the oceans of Exenia before the ocean biome really opens up! :-] The intended first time that the Nekaiyo are intended to be encountered in the main questline are at the beginning of the Call of the Tides expansion, which can be accessed anytime immediately after completing Lighttakers. Simply follow the main quest marker in Arcsa and speak to the furry-eared friend in the Main Hall to begin Call of the Tides!

When can I make a Nekaiyo character of my own?
A: After completing the Call of the Tides questline you can create a very Nekaiyo of your own!! It's entirely possible to replay through CotT as a Nekaiyo and garner more insight and hidden information as to the lore of the

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