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Ulnawaeryn Bravebrine Game Info Recent Statuses Mood Date
Nekaiyo Lv. 184 If you lay down on the ground and push forward on your controller you can clip through the ground!!! >:-3c 10/14/20XX
Zweihand Exp. 15,674,147 I hate going to the store. :-[ 8/7/20XX
>-[ERG]-< 9,999:99 Hours I think Kat fell asleep at the keyboard again... if you see me curled up next to her mind your own!!!! <3 5/25/20XX

All About Ulna!!!

What's the fun in roleplaying if I told you everything you needed to know about Ulna here, hmm? :-3 All you need to know is that she's one of the most well-known Nekaiyo characters in Exenia with good reason and that she's earned her reputation as a terror to Exenia's denizens! She was one of the first ever made (born on January 10, 20XX-10) and I've been playing as her for more than a decade now... she's very much every bit a part of me as anything else. Come by and say hello if you so dare... you never know what you're going to get with this little menace on your tail! >:-]

Her heart belongs to a certain Kat, though, even if she's not a cat like Ulna is.... <3